Festival – Leeds in the lead

Attendances at the Festival of Britain travelling exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, are easily beating the Manchester figures.

Bt 3pm, 3,954 people had today visited the exhibition bringing the total figure since the exhibition opened on Saturday, to more than 30,000.

Yesterday’s attendance at Woodhouse Moor was 7,301, compared with Manchester’s third day figure of 4,958.

Monday’s figure brings the total attendance at Leeds to 26,120. Manchester’s total at the end of the third day was 19,995.


Explaining the popularity of the exhibition in Leeds, an official of the exhibition, Mr E W Swain told the Y. E News:

“We have such an excellent site in Leeds, where people can easily see us.

“In Manchester, although we were in a regular exhibition hall, we were in a side street. We have also had grand co-operation from Leeds Corporation, and the local Press.”

Nearly 2,500 Leeds and West Riding school children today visited the exhibition. About 5,000 children have now seen the exhibition as members of organised school parties – another 14,000 have yet to go.